Friday, April 30, 2010

germs GI lp

this one goes out to johny a faceless commenter on kbd records. all i can say is hahahahaha. what a dick. dude i didn't get this off the net i got it from amoeba on vinyl. also i can't upload jack shit. so go listen to your ramones records you pussy. anyway we all know this album right? well i didn't until sunday. i loved and still love the early germs but i had to get this. produced by one of the runaways this is just awesome. i'd say the second hardcore record ever the first being the first release by the middle class another la band. and did anybody notice how the poison idea singer was influenced by darby crash? not fast but fucking powerful as shit. don't get the cd reissue of this get it on vinyl along with everything they did. oh and give that johny guy a hug for me.

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  1. hahaha i think he was talking about my site when he talked about the uploads. great post, great band, great record!


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