Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the shivvers lost hits from milwaukee's first family of powerpop: 1979-1982 cd

this may seem silly to some to do this right after a negative aproach post but it's my blog. actually i've been holding onto this for a couple of days until i got another comment from eric saying i'm bob or whatever. well to him i say hahahahahahahahahaha! anyway great cd. i didn't want to get this because i thought it would be just another reissue cd where they fuck up the songs remastering them. they didn't. i don't know if they remastered them but it sounds the same. the band only put out one 7 single which i reviewed. this has 20 tracks including the teen line/when i was younger single. not one track on this is bad. the live stuff is great! jill had an amazing voice. too bad they couldn't do more. in a way this is what i wanted because all i said after listening to the single is did they do more? and how can i get it? now i've got it and it's awesome. buy it. it rocks from a to zed (hahaha) or z for the americans like me. i just love the word zed. anyway it's worth buying.

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