Tuesday, April 13, 2010

gai extermination 7 flexi

after i said i would post some mellow shit here is a post that's extreme? my script writer is fired! wht's that? i write my own stuff? oh fuck it. haha that didn't go over t9o well. damn i liked it in my head. oh well. gai from japan changed name to swankys and put out that lp i raved about. once again the vocalest is a little hard to get into but it can be done. the music shreds. japan had some cool hc shit. if you want a download the horible 7inchpunk has it. but look for a coppy. i shouldn't even have to say that. btw i resisted the desire to ask erich gbm for a link to my blog. i should have but when the guy was in a great band and runs a blog that has changed my life and has commented before on this one i feel bad for asking him. besides my blog is crap compared to his. oh a little note i do look for a coppy of all records i talk about. i'm not a download only cunt like so many little fuckers. oh i'm gonna stop. see ya.

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