Tuesday, April 13, 2010

koro s/t 7

mellow stuff coming hahaha. i heard some people say that this was sped up in the mastering. i don't really know if it's true. great hardcore though. just think poison idea with a worse singer. i really like the pi singer. great voice. this has great vocals too but not as good as pi. sorry. and what is blap? this was reissued along with an unheard 12 ep but as far as i know they're both shit. you can find this at a number of locations. i like this but one question remains. was this sped up? i want fucking answers! right now! ok maybe not right now. anyway get this.

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  1. great record. faster then jesus. the guitar solos do seem really fast but i think they could pull em off. maybe sped up, maybe not, i don't know either.


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