Tuesday, April 13, 2010

bad religion s/t 7

i went pretty wiled over this one about two years ago then forgot about it cause i was listening to a lot of later br. but today drastic actions came on (yes i love that song) and i flipped. just put on this ep and said i need to review it. it has to be on this blog! anyway great fast (kind of) and 1slow hardcore. i'm gonna be uncool again (like that's a fucking surprise) and say that into the unknown is a great album and i wonder why it hasn't been reissued. but this is not into the unknown. not a bad first release. ok i mean a fucking great first release from a band who is one of my favorites. i have everything they put out and i love it all. thank you bad religion. i know they're pretty well-known but i don't really care. hell they could be the biggest band in the world and i wouldn't care. check this shit out. and yes greg has an amazing voice. it's been reissued with how could helll be any worse? another great album. oh hell i'll say every br album is great!

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  1. great record!
    the 7" was re-issued on Record Day or something like that, last year. it was limited too 500 on black, 500 on white and 500 on red (if you want to call that limited.) people are trying to sell those for $30, come on, that's a little much.


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