Thursday, April 8, 2010

the misfits earth a.d lp

and this one's for my friend beth who likes the misfits. comment if you read this one. yes i know how big the misfits are but i really don't care. this is probably the band's worst recording and for some reason one of my favorites. no old punk here just streight up hc with death metal influences. funny how the worsed record by the band is one of the best hc records. deffinetly a great record. glen danzig may be an asshole but he had a great voice. so check it out. coming up just because i can garden weasel on KHSU. oh and a little note to people who think i just dl the shit and don't buy a coppy. hey if i could find most of these records i would get then. i just review shit i like. it's just that a lot of i like can be found of blogs.

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