Monday, April 12, 2010

raw noise system never lp

sorry about the hard music i'm posting. more taim shit for you soon. so don't worry eric you'll get more pop. ok anyway maybe you want some background because a lot of you are probably thinking who the fuck is raw noise? raw noise was a pre extreme noise terror band. they broke up and reformed about two or three times. i don't know what all they put out but i have a great demo tape from 1984 that's much more hardcore. they also did a split with chaos uk if anyone has that please share. anyway they just reformed to record system never. i would have chosen a better album title but that's me. i would say this sounds like ent but i only have one ent ep so i don't know. what is this? crustcore. crust mixed with grindcore at least that's what i hear. pick this up if you like that. zach you may dig the demo a little more which you can find at gbm. so buy this one and if anyone from the band stops by (they won't) fill in the blanks.


  1. alright since when did I care about "power-pop"?? i swear i should call U bob now because ur too bob-like 2 be elliott :) lol jk

    elliott = rawrrrr society sucks, living in society is like living under a chainsaw, u arise and u get killed!!!

    bob = we'll be friends, until the very end of time, yes you and me hug and we'll be friends!!!

  2. this is the most retarded comment ever and it shouldn't be on the blog. but because it's so fucking funny i'm kkeping it' i remember when i first published this in april. i really wanted to reject this but i didn't. so yeah keep leaving stupid comments and i'll keep laughing. fuckin eric.


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