Wednesday, April 14, 2010

negative aproach s/t 7 ep

bloody fucking hell! how does a record get this massiv! i can't believe it! think something like agnostic front but more powerful if that can happen. this is a must have for anyone who likes brutal hardcore. not too fast but you can tell they weren't a bunch of posers. they really meant it. i guess they reformed and from what i've heard it's pretty awful. but this record kills. go to gbm for a really good live show. this has been reissued i think so get it. like i said you must hear this before you dye. so get it now.


  1. great record. nice comparison to agnostic front, i'd say throw in a little poison idea too (for the brutalness).

  2. sick of talk is just a fantastic song. it's been stuck in my head for so long. that and I Got Zits by tutu and the pirates, haha.


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