Sunday, April 25, 2010

crippled youth join the fight 7 ep

“I don’t know what your scene’s like, or if it’s really cool, I just know what my scene’s like and I think it fucking rules” from positive scene. blech! puke! and the song gets worse. this is actually a good ep but the lyrics are just fucking horible so bad it makes me want to smash my head against the wall. thanks boyscouts. what a neo nazi group. anyway crippled you became bold. i'm afraid to listen to them. as i said these lyrics are nauseating. and don't give me that shit about "oh he was just 14 at the time" because when i was 14 i wrote songs called capitalist shit and major labels suck. not to creative. i've grown a lot in my lyric writing. i kept capitalist shit and change a lot of things. i still believe in the same shit but i've learned to express it in a smarter way. but these. i'd rather listen to some song by some stupid motherfucker about how they hate everyone than some even stupider person singing about how they love everyone. the music is actually pretty good though. gbm for it. enjoy then kill some boyscouts.


  1. my likeness in this record decreases every time i listen to it.

  2. i just listened to this again today, it got a little better.


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