Saturday, April 3, 2010

the underlings operational excellence cd

this one goes out to ed from garden weasel and this band the underlings. now let me tell you a little story about how i discovered this. it was october or november of like 2008 or something. i'm reasonably sure it was october and i just got my braille computer and was doing some searching on one of my favorite sites mustard relics. after reading that getting older post and laughing a little and also feeling like a little shit i thought i'd look uner his recently posted stuff. i stumbled on the underlings while looking for hc or metal. at first i almost didn't want to click on the first song. you have to understand i was kind of stupid and didn't want to branch out. well i did. now thanks to the underlings and the flakes i discovered bands i wouldn't have even cared about if those bands hadn't triggered that little voice that said it's time to explore. and what's the music like? hard to explain. maybe if ed comes back he can put it into words. poppy rock (which isn't always a bad thing) with really good lyrics. the songs the bassest wrote are a little faster but still as good. i don't have a favorite because it's something you need to listen too. and you either love it or hate it. and listen. mustard relics has it but if you like it please please buy a coppy if you can. i don't think ed's an ultrafamous rock star with so much money he can buy anything. believe me if he was i'd well i'd probly still say buy it just because he's a nice guy. and he has a great voice. you know sometimes it's nice to get away from hc and metal. so check it the fuck out.

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  1. Elliot, I am glad us old heads can turn your young head and allow you to see a different side of music. when we are young, NONE of us want to branch out. the people we meet, and the lives we touch allow us to experience great things that we never would have given a second glance to. the guys i was blessed to meet and mis-spend my youth with really opened my eyes to all sorts of good things and i am indebeted to them for making who/what i am today. i amd glad that it did not take any violent acts for you to open your eyes, so to speak to alternative sounds/ points of view.
    And you are 100% correct, Ed is a guy who goes to work and sweats just like the rest of us.
    Thanks for putting this band up.


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