Monday, May 3, 2010

the circle jerks goup sex lp

well it was either this or one of my favorite tapes featuring a very good friend of this blog on drums. anyway i chose this because i just saw circle jerks live with crossover thrash band municipal waste and 7 seconds. municipal waste was my favorite but the other bands (i think i'm leaving out a band sorrry) ripped shit up too. but this record is just amazing. i mean 14 songs in 15 minutes and they call it an lp but the first dri ep is 17 minutes and it was first released as an ep. this record is the band's best and just kills. every song is amazing and not long at all. every punk should have this. after this the band was just ok but still play live well. probably because i didn't see them. anyway go get it on vinyl or cd if you must. oh and kevin seconds is a pussy with his anti violence shit that i saw at the show. he was all "if your gonna fight we're not playing" and all this shit. oh boo fucking hoo people were fighting. grow up! i hate you youth crew shits so much. so yeah i like 7 seconds a lot but i don't like the youth crew bullshit. anyway i'm gonna stop.

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  1. haha, is that me. i think i read somewhere that 7 seconds live take so long to get into the song because of the intros by kevin, haha.


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