Friday, April 9, 2010

garden weasel live on KHSU

ok another post from mustard relics. this was my first gw recording i got at mr right after the fantastic wd-40 demo. what we have is a radio show with gw performing. go to mr for the background. anyway this has some great stuff on it including two wd-40 covers. and the end is a really cover of low rider by war. i never liked war but if they made the orijinal like gw did i would check them out haha. man justin could scream! he doesn't like to hear it but you've got a great voice man. anyway check this out. oh and one mor thing. on every gw recording you can hear the bass quite well. i like that. the guitar has a great sound but the drums would give me hearing loss if i played it so loud. check it now!

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