Saturday, May 8, 2010

thrasho de mayo

i'm not gonna say much except that if you ever go to the ultra violet social club just don't. don't give them your money and don't give them anything except a kick in the fucking head. i don't care if people from the club tell me to remove this. i'll fucking take you all on right now and i'm not kidding. i'm so pissed at these fuckheads i could ram my head through a brick wall. i shouldn't even be here right now. basicly what happened is i went to a show when i realised i was starving cause i hadn't eaten today and i wanted to buy a demo. i get out of the club hoping to dash to the local 7-11 to get some cash when i'm told i can't get back in. i was gonna give you my money but instead i'm giving you a fist to the fucking face. and the guard is a dick.

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