Wednesday, May 5, 2010

burn the priest s/t lp

or you may know them as lamb of god. as you probably have guessed i'm not above liking mainstream metal. i really like old and new lamb of god. this doesn't sound like new log at all. great post thrash/grindcore from the same town as gwar, white cross, and municipal waste. i don't care if they're on a major label i like what i like got it? the vocals are well i can't tell what he's saying but i like it. on the followup this guy was drunk when he recorded the vocals. mainly screems and shit you know new metal. i miss the NWOBHM. chris is a great drummer which you don't get to see on later releases. as i said i like all log stuff but the old stuf is better. but wrath is a good album. anyway the guitar and bass sound is just massive whenever you can get this shit. and don't worry punk posts are coming soon. i like metall too though so fuck off.

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