Thursday, May 6, 2010

optional death practice tape

before you read this i'll tell a little about this review. i had published this on my old song meanings journal along with a few others. this was the only review i actually feel proud of and even then i made some changes. enjoy.

yes your lord and master is back with another review. this time it's a band i got into a few days (well now it's been about five months) ago called optional death. optional death is a thrash metal band that used to be called warfare then they lost the drummer. i have never heard warfare before (yes i have now good shit) but this rips. some great guitar parts. however mr. metalhater won't like this haha. go to and download the whole tape. this is the only thing they recorded. it's an hour long and it has 16 tracks. what more do i need to say? recorded in 1989 it's some baddass thrash. if you don't download this i'll be a sad panda. over and fuck off.

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