Friday, May 28, 2010

black flag nervous breakdown 7 ep

you know how you can just picture some songs being played during drunken rampages? this is one of them. black flag's first (and probably the best although i also like later black flag stuff.) Kith Morris later of the circle jerks is singing and i'm gonna say he is the best singer black flag ever had. that's right. fuck off. i don't even want to hear it. anyway i had heard nervous breakdown a hundred times before but i was never sick of it. the other three songs are just as good. actually wasted took some time to grow on me. i put this on at school when i was supposed to be doing some asignment in biology. this braille computer has a media player and a head phone jack. but if anyone asks i'm a good kid who does everything the school says. hpr has this but i'm not done. what a great guitar sound. no this is not hardcore. it's just good ole snotty 77 punk in 78 or as zach would call it kbd punk. i just call it punk because that's what it is. you can hear more of this recording session on the and everything went black cd which i highly recomend. good outtakes. the other songs that they recorded around this time are gimme gimme gimme, i don't care (early version of you bet we've got something against you or whatever it's called. i don't care would later be found on the first circle jerks lp with different lyrics) no values and white minority (love the music hate the lyrics.) just think if they put all eight tracks out as a 12 ep! also you can find another session with keith on vocals. it's five tracks and is almost like a demo. it features police story and wasted (slightly faster as it was recorded later than the one on the ep) but the vocals and guitar are pretty low in the mix as is the bass. good session though. but i'm not reviewing that album! damnet you let me go off track again! anyway get this monster and play it next time you're on a drunken rampage.

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  1. great stuff, KBD! i might buy that 12" now that you basically reviewed that too, haha. oh and i used to hate white minority. i originally thought the lyrics where there thoughts, but now i learned that is the opposite of what they beleive. much better now, is that what you thought or do you just hate the lyrics anyway?


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