Thursday, May 20, 2010

gwar we kill everything cd

okay people, this is a total rereview of this cd. it's may 2014 now and I just saw a typical idiotic review on metal archives of this release so let's counteract it with an openminded review of this album. this is gwar's 7th album released in 1999. they hadn't really been a full metal band for some time. this is a weird mix of genres. rather than just do a basic review I'm gonna do a track by track thing to give you an idea of what this album is like 1, babyraper. title says it all, it's about oderus raping babys. no it's not smart or witty but what do you expect? musicly this is almost hardcore punk with maybe a hint of metal. very fast, kicks things off to a nice start. mix is very good. solos rule. good song 2, fishfuck. again the title says it all. this ain't gonna be a look into the deepest corners of the human mind. musicly it's pretty much punk rock..and I love it. always makes me chuckle. 3, the performer. one of the best songs on the album, this is a ska punk song that's very melodic. I can't help but to sing along with this whenever it plays. great funny song. now we get into the album story concept. gwar had a mythos which is very interesting and the album is kind of the culmination of those mythos. if you don't know what I'm talking about..look it up 4, a short history of the end of the world. okay..fuck me if this isn't a great instrumental. it's pure metal and man is it other way to describe it, it's really..good. amazing stuff. great guitar lines 5, escape from the mooselodge. originally titled the needel with different lyrics that was on some obscure gwar single, this has good music and interesting lyrics as the scene is set for the story to come which involvs the master coming back. good song but not that melodic 6, tune from da moon. scrota moon, a scumdog with a ballsack for a chin, somes to earth with a tablet and gwar breaks it. scrota sings this song which is a reworking of the song minute to live by death puiggy. punk stuff, very nice. the keyboard is a bit weird but hell, it doesn't detract from the song 7, jiggle the handle. we meet the portal potty, which is pretty much what it sounds feeds on shit and can bring forth things. interesting song because 5 different people sing on this song. it works. oh and don't try to flush a dead sheep down him because who knows what could arise? well as seen in the movie it's sleezy, gwar decides to test scrota and what's the test 8, nitro burnin funny bong. ah sweet youth, blablabla you know the lyrics....I've never gotten high to this but I'm pretty sure it could be fun. scrota gets high, that's what happens in this song. musicly it's punk that sticks in your mind and never lets go. I heard this more than 7 years ago and can still sing it even after months of not hearing it. great song 9, jagermonsta. this song is about scrota getting drunk, and in the film it's sleezy the jagermonsta is some creature who cuases drunkenness wherever he goes. musicly this is punkmetal. double bass heavy and very good. tan original member of the band plays a solo on this which is pretty cool. so scrota ends up diing. and they need to get him back to life to fix to tablet because if they don't the world will end..oh shit! what will they do? 10, my girly ways. call in slymenstra of corse. she really does have a good voice and I wish they gave her more songs. the reviewer said this sounds like a lost kittie track..I've never heard the band but if this sounds like them they can't all be bad. seriously this is not a bad track. musicly this is metal? sort of..pretty good track. 11, the master has a butt. one of the..dumbest names on the album and supposed to be making fun of pop country. this tells of oderus' relationship with the master. not bad, a little different which is actually a good thing. silly as hell but hey. 12, we kill everything. this is the title track and is almost 7 minutes long. tells of how gwar defetes the master. I can only guess that someone thought that this would be the last gwar album. especially from the lyrics..this is an interesting song, not really silly but very good, some cool music parts. not sure what genre they were going for here. still I like it. we'll kill everything, including ourselves! so that's the end of the album...or the story anyway. they somehow decided they'd have a story for this album but only for a few tracks and make the rest of the album about gwar's sex and drugs 13, child. a good rocker about oderus impregnating an audience member by mistake. not too much to say about this one. it's a rock song and isn't bad at all 14, penile drip. this song is fanfuckingtastic. dave does his brack empression and the bass hits random notes. the song bounces along and is very enjoyable to listen too..dave's brack empression is spot on 15, mary ann. this is another one of those songs that the loser ripped apart on metal archives claming it's a watered down pop punk song. no shit, it's a love song, sung by ballsack about his dead love mary ann. it's a good song, ballsack has a good voice, and the lyrics are almost touching..really. pop punk song..what did you expect? they're making fun of love songs you dumb metalhead 16, friend. this song is enjoyable but is so short. not much to say other than I kill you! 17, fuckin an animal. this song is something I shall sing when I'm drunk as shit...bouncy, catchy, if you don't like this song then I don't like you. great way to end this album. no it's not a deep song about dreams and science but I wouldn't want it that way conclusion, if you like metal and only metal and don't like punk, first off go fuck yourself second you won't like this. if you enjoy punk and don't mind dumb lyrics you'll love this. the lyrics don't take away from this album at all. underrated classic

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