Monday, September 6, 2010

happy birthday hardcore punk reviews!

yes the amazing hardcore punk reviews is one year old. i haven't checked the blog to see if he's done anything on this because i just got home. anyway it was founded by some guy named zach in some country called canada. anyway his blog ran pretty good for like three months. then he stopped by the eslod (elliott sucks layer of death) and gave a link to his blog. one of the things that made me save his blog in my favorites was the way he just gave his opinion even if sometimes i'd wonder what was in the water over in canada. haha. anyway a few weeks (months?) passed before i discovered the internet archive. i also discovered zach had a lot of great records and thought it was a sin that he didn't have any downloads. not just for me but for everyone. anyway to make a long story long, i told him about it and now hpr is better then ever. i don't mean to brag or anything. the blog was already great. but i wanted to help make it better. and zach's done a lot for this blog. for one thing he's kepped it going by commenting. also i think if it wasn't for him i wouldn't have gotten the prized spot on the blogroll on gbm. so happy birthday hpr. hope you have many more. and thanks for the music! also if it wasn't for hpe i probably wouldn't be working on music. i'm writing songs for a second fucked up society demo. so let's summarise. hpr rules!


  1. warmed my heart reading this again.

  2. haha, i remember i rushed home from a little vacation i took to get this post up. and i even missed my own birthday for this.


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