Friday, July 9, 2010

new netlabel!

i'm starting a new netlabel called fucked up noise records. what is a netlabel? it means that i'll put shit on for free. send me some music. full albums or eps a demos or singles. what music will i post? punk, metal, and powerpop. if anyone wants to help me reach me at my email which is on the site now. if you want to send me anything put it in mp3 in a zip file on no megaupload or mediafire. prease send me some music.


  1. this turned out way worse than i thought. i thought i really had something going with this one. ah well fuck it. if you really want to be on fun you can email i guess. noone will but i'm not giving up damnet. i refuse to quit.

  2. ah so many dreams. so few come to be more than dreams. i remember i thought people would be emailing me left and right asking to get released. far from it.


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