Tuesday, July 6, 2010

anti-cimex raped ass 7 ep

anti-cimex were a swedish hardcore band. don't know if this is crust or not but really good. if it is then it's right with amebix. the first ep is good too but just not crust enough for the mood i'm in haha. great raw sound on this one. i know some people don't like the discharge clones but i kind of do. anyway great fucking ep. get it at gbm. love the dumb lyrics too. these guys listened to discharge a lot i guess. get it and no zach this is better than the first ep.

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  1. how did you know i would say the first is better, haha. and the first is way better, the song "anti cimex" is amazing. and it's on the same label as the fantastic Absurd 7". this release is shit, far to crusty for me haha.


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