Sunday, July 11, 2010

mayhem de mysteriis dom sathanas lp

zach's away for a week so it's the week that metal rules the blog! fuck that punk shit let's burn churches! wooooo! mayhem's first album and a fucking classic. i don't care what people say black metal sounds like now i love early 90s black metal. so here's a little backstory. if you want more on this be a man and look it up you bastards. anyway dead killed himself in 1991 so they needed a singer. they got some guy from hungery named attilla who played in one of the countless tormenters to fill in. necrobutcher (kickass name!) left the band so varg vikernes (i'm adding a fuck varg vikernes label just because) filled in on bass. vikernes is the man behind the one man band burzum so one could say burzum played bass hahaha. so that left hellhammer (another cool name) on drums and euronymous on guitar. i know about the band's nazi beliefs i just don't fucking care anymore. it's hard to care about that shit. not about them being nazis that's a horible thing but to obsess over that. it's like i said in that agnostic front post i hate people who are like that. i don't let anything stop me from liking music. but if i could i'd punch all of them in the fucking face. anyway varg killed euronymous in 1993 and yeah. i'm sure i'd talk more about that if it was fresh in my mind but i found this out about two-three years ago. what's interesting is that euronymous' parents asked hellhammer to remove varg's bass tracks from the album but he didn't. he says he turned them down but i think he was high and hit the up knob because unlike most metal where the bass is fucking nowhere to be seen (or heard i guess) his bass is right with the other guys. anyway i've wrote this much and i haven't even gotten to the music. first off the production. not as fuzzy as i like but still cold and dark. everything is mixed perfectly. don't know what more to say about that. music. hellhammer's drumming is amazing on this record. no triggered shit just raw black metal. varg plays the bass well but that's about it. great bass sound though. euronymous' guitar playing is great. thrash riffs with cool black parts and cool solos. finally we come to attilla. people have ragged on his vocals a lot. i think his voicce is just fucking perfect. i'm not even gonna describe it because every time i try i fail. just get this fucking album right now. i'm not touching on the whole historical thing but that's just bullshit. i don't care how historical it is. get this now! coming next? who the fuck knows. i don't.

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