Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dorf demo

well after i said i'd post a lot of metal i'm back with a hardcore review. that proves how unscripted this is. anyway dorf were one of those humboldt california bands (great weed in those parts) that could compete with the best known hardcore bands. hell i'd much rather listen to this than damaged by black flag. i like that album slightly more than zach of hpr who fucking torched that album along with the first rf7 7 (i got an original i'd be happy to give up. only problem is someone didn't take care of it and it's fucked up) anyway this is fucking hc at it's best. when justin of mustard relics posted that i think i said it was good and that it. well i got a chance to listen again today. fuck me it's awesome. the guitar sound reminds me of that f.y.p 7 i reviewed back in march. good shit. get it or die! coming up? hmm i'm guessing another review maybe some more rants and some more of me saying if you read this comment. oh yeah and donate. not money but donate your music to get reviewed. you can find ne at my email which is all over this thing. do it now!

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