Thursday, July 8, 2010

level s/t cd

god this sucks. just a bunch of wankers wanting to capitalise on the nu metal-rapcore thing. don't get me wrong i do like some nu metal but this sounds like some idiot band triing to make it big. it's not even the music that pisses me off so much. it's the fucking winy ass singer. i really can't describe it. sounds like a rapper/hip hop guy wanting to do nu metal vocs. he doesn't even sound like he's triing to be extreme or anything just like a wanker. there doesn't seem to be any web presents for this band so this album (put out in 2003) was a fucking flop as it should be. once you've heard the first track you've heard the whole album. boring as fuck. i hope these guys realise how much they suck and cry themselves to sleep cause they just are so fucking bad it's scary. but you have to give them some credit. never before have i heard a heavy record that made me want to kill and not in that cool oh this is so good and powerful way. this made me want to shut these guy up any way i could. so if you're in this band and your reading this i hate you. another thing. i do like some nu metal and i was just waiting for the songs to build into something. they never did. thanks. 30+ minutes of my life i'll never get back. anyway don't get this even as a download.

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  1. i went back and checked this again. it's worse now! don't even get this from the internet archive like i did. i feel so bad for the archive. they have to store this shit.


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