Sunday, August 22, 2010

the modernettes teen city 12 ep

well zach i guess is taking a little break as i did (if he's not than fuck off) and as liliput said "when the zach's away the elliott will play." okay he's not really gone but i just wanted to put that. what we have hear is another band from canada the modernettes with a fucking killer 12 ep. every song is just great powerpop punk i guess you'd call it. i guess the band didn't want to be big. trust me they could have been. i heard a story about some big record label dipshit coming to a show and i guess he was freaked out cause those guys were smoking and drinking onstage and just acting like well acting like stupid teens. love it. i just checked and they is a comp cd of all the band's material. get it. and it was produced by the same guy who fucked up metallica. actually i like new metallica but fuck it's just not the same. he does a good job on this one though. get it somewhere. and one of the guys has a book out that you should get. not sure what the title is right now but if you look a little you can find it. i think the dude's name is john armstrong but he goes by something else on the record. if you're reading this and you were in this band (which you won't be) fill us in.


  1. Ture story -- it was polyGram. They also wanted us to work with a songwriter, a stylist and add a keyboard player. I hada had several cocktails and politely asked, was there any fucking thing you *did* like about the band?

    Bob Rock produced the 1st ep, a really great guy. He did a lot to help bands in Vancouver

    the book is called Guilty of Everything and is currently being turned into a movie - I have asked them to put in a bit where ai have sex with all of the Runaways, and Debbie harry. hey, we all know the movies change stuff, right?



  2. i guess i was taking a break (not much of a break though, for me.)yeah great record!
    i was gonna buy that book, when some auctions on ebay are done.
    haha, i'd watch that movie.


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