Wednesday, August 25, 2010

grudge project x 7 ep

well i was struck by a sudden inspiration to post and this felt so right. grudge were like crucial youth and took the piss out of streight-edge gay crew bands like crippled youth (and that 7 is actually really good i take it back) anyway this is less witty than crucial youth but it really does sound like one of my bands if i were to do something like this. this band shouldn't be taken as a novelty act though because they really rip shit up with 8 songs and a few spoken parts that are just great. the last track o.c. crew is just perfect. i wish there were more bands like this. as much as i like some of those streight-edge bands as i once said "everything needs to be made fun of once." it's still very true today if you ask me. get this from mustard relics and as always look for a hardcoppy. come on you greedy cunts. enjoy this one and remember that "we want you for the o.c crew!"

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