Friday, August 27, 2010

hatebreed under the knife 7 ep

well i'm doing 15 posts today because the dude from mad blasts of chaos had 10 (although i don't know when he started them) and i thought if he could do 10 with links and shit i could do 15. and thank you for putting an lp up using direct links. i don't know what made you do it or if you just forgot but thank you so much. anyway this post is for him though i don't know if he reads this. anyway he said he liked hatebreed so i pulled out the first ep by these guys. great old metalcore (which is basically metallic hardcore) great stuff. i may be the only one who likes this shit who reads this blog but i don't really care. later on hatebreed went to "bad metal" but i like the bad metal. although having a song like kill an adict is unexceptible. sorry. great song but yeah. i also have a demo by these guys. this was reissued along with the demo on the under the knife cd. get that if you can't get the original. but if you can then...well do that. 14 posts to go.

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