Sunday, August 15, 2010

live shows

i'm posting but i'm still on break. at the elliott sucks layer of death (my room) all is quiet. a dog is sleeping on the floor having taken my bedsheet with it. and i'm really really really borred. now the question comes up. why don't i sleep? two reasons. the dog (a rather new one) is silent right now and i love it so much. pluss in about 20 minutes the moto gp race will start and i hate tevo so yeah fuck that. and the vacation i had planned well just didn't happen so for now i am confined to the house. anyway why do i go to see live shows? for the feeling? the music? or just seeing some other kids that are kind of likeminded once you get passed the racing thing. no. it's the fuckups. and also the music but a live show without missing notes or not remembering a song and just either mumbling through or just fucking shit up (fuckshitupism as someone once said) that's why no band will probably never play with me onstage. i am anything but a perfectionest and the best shows i've seen honestly was when the band couldn't play but still tried. that's also why i don't rerecord things. i put it down once unless i want to change something dramaticly in the song. otherwise you get it the first time through no matter what it sounds like. so anyway if your a band embrace the fuckups and don't be a perfectionest twat like some assholes. oh cool i've killed some time. see you all later. actually i may post again just to keep myself awake. i'm sure later on today i'll see this post as i offin do with my posts and say what the fuck was i thinking? i'm pretty sure i didn't write most of these posts. they were actually put down by some drunk dude from norway. or maybe an even more drunk and probably insane person from sunland. oh shit i just outed myself. fuck. okay i'm really tired of writing nothing. see you.

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  1. welcome back!. yeah i love fuckups! that's why i love the first releases of chronic disorder and necros so much. so many mishaps.


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