Monday, November 19, 2012

the modernettes get it straight cd

i'm not sure how many times i've played the teen city ep. hundreds at least. well i found this and just had to get it. and boy i'm glad i did! the modernettes were a fantastic poppy punk band from canada. this cd has everything they did in the studeo. the first 6 tracks are from the amazing teen city ep. yeah...amazing. the next 3 tracks are from the gone but not forgiven lp. the lp is live except these three. shame really. would have loved to hear a modernettes lp. won't have to worry i've heard before and it quickly became my favorite song by them. but really all the songs are great. the next 5 tracks are from the view from the bottom ep. remixed i guess. it kicks off with rebel kind. wow is that a great song or what! i guess the problem with this record is every song once i hear it becomes my favorite. maybe i'm the one with the problem haha. the next tracks are demo and live stuff. i with they'd included more demo tracks as the one on this cd is amazing. if anyone has the full tape and would like to share it....well i'd like it. the live tracks are okay i guess. i'm not much for live tracks anyway. seriously i only have a few live recordings. the tracks for the radio show (i think) are really good. over all a fantastic record from a fantastic band. allmusic said this band probably doesn't stand the test of time. well here's someone who wasn't even born when the modernettes were around (yes i am that young) who loves this record. take that allmusic! haha. if you like powerpop or melodic punk it's not even a question of should you buy it but when should you? the answer, right now!!!!!!

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