Saturday, November 10, 2012

peach kelli punk s/t lp

no, that's not a mistake. somehow i found this on the internet. i thought the amazing peach kelli pop put out a new record. well i was wrong. this is some dude named joe from some band called germ attack rerecording the pkp lp. i'm sorry, it's just not good enough. i mean i don't think it was suposed to be but still. it just can't hold a candle to pkp. now i know nothing about germ attack (i'm guessing they're canadian as the thing i read was on a canadian site) but....yeah. joe sounds like he's having a lot of fun and it did make me smile a little. you can tell he likes the record. it's kind of funny actually. but it's just not the same. sorry mr. joe whoever you are. it was a fun listen but i just can't see myself going back to it....then again i said that about level and i listened to that shit for like another year before finally deleting it. over all not a bad record actually....just nowhere as good as peach kelli pop. btw anyone know anything about germ attack?

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    germ attak vinyl discography:
    canadian concentration camp 7''
    capatista 7''
    ouroboros lp/cd
    a bleak future 7''
    molokai 7''
    they live we sleep lp/cd/tape
    cruxshadow lp/cd
    death to cops 7''
    fear of the unknown lp/cd/tape
    lock down 7''


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