Thursday, November 1, 2012

NME unholy death lp

i first got into NME (enimy) a few years back when i heard the machine of war demo released in the mid-80s. i loved it. pretty much pure venom wership and i just fell in love with the tape. the songs were all in the right tempo and had the right amount of fury. well my friend kept talking about unholy death as this great album. so i got it. what a fuckin shame. this album should have been amazing. except and this will sound weird but the songs were two fast! okay i love fast music. but it seemed like what they did was take slower songs and speed them up. without changing anything in them. the result is it just sounds really messy and bad to me. it sounds like the drummer has no idea what he's even doing. that's fine but i don't know. they even rerecorded at least one track from the demo and it just sounds wrong. too sped up. maybe if i hadn't heard the demo i'd like it more. i'm gonna keep triing to like it but it just doesn't sound right. great lyrics though. and i can't argue with the guitar tone. it just seems sped up and wrong. just get the machine of war demo and be happy. sorry if i've said the wrong thing haha

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