Thursday, July 7, 2011

unseen force in search of the truth lp

yes 3 posts in one day. this is unseen force's only lp released in 1986. and what a fantastic record is is. not thrash but mid-tempo hardcore of the finest kind. 12 greaqt songs. this was in that package i got from grave mistake records a fuck of a long time ago. yeah sorry about the long wait i've been busy. anyway this was reissued with demo tracks from a band a few of the guys were in called 2000 maniacs which i'll review later and a live over the radio set. very nice package get it! this may be a bit late in hardcore for some people but it's still very good and if you're gonna let the year stop you from enjoying this then you're a sad excuse for a human. get this and slam!


  1. i need to hear the whole album, i've only heard a few tracks. if you say it's not thrash, it must not be.

  2. i mean it's not dri fast but it's really good


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