Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pandamonium promo 2010 cd

well this should have gone on a lot sooner than it did. but i've had shit going on so it's late but better late than never. you see the great thing about blogging is that you get promos from bands asking you to review something and you get turned on (or sometimes off) to new music. in my case when godz ov war productions contacted me about reviewing a band called pandamonium i didn't know what to say except sure! i love hearing new bands. actually these guys have been going on for a while but still they were new to me. okay i said so what do we have here? i opened the package up (came all the way from poland which is cool) pretty great black death metal came out of the speakers. i was empressed from the start. great riffs, and a very nice sound. only 2 songs cause it's a promo for an album that will be dropping this fall. and man what an album that will be. especially with these two tracks on it. i like everything about the band. the vocals are great death growls that fit the album perfectly. you can tell these guys know what they're doing. can't say enough about this. get the album when iy comes out. it's a musthave for this year. suport em! and bands/labels if you want me to review anything get in touch with me at ellindamood@gmail.com. it doesn't usually take me as long as it did (i'm not even gonna say how long it took) so please send em over and please comment. that's what fuels this blog. coming up more old shit and some new. got some more known new releases as well as some um not so known. and soon i hope pandamonium will be a more known band

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