Thursday, July 7, 2011

brats 1980 lp

well here's a little treat for ya. i first heard this band on a good bad blog (yeah sorry i'm not as cool as you guys) and thought i'd check it out. i learned that the guitarests later formed mercyful fate. at the time that was just a name to me (though it later became a near religious experience) but i figured i'd give it a shot. and what a record! punk metal at its best. a lot of the tracks are hard rock/heavy metal and just rock. but a few tracks are pretty damn punk. i later learned that they used to be a punk band and put out two singles (if anyone has them please give share!) and had some tracks on a comp of danish punk which are very simple yet very good. i love this album! the drums pound, you can hear the bass and it works well, the guitars just sound great and the vocals go great with this album. this was reissued so go fucking get it! and if anyone has more of this stuff please share. don't hold out on me!

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  1. oh i have been meaning to get this. upon your further recommendation, i will.


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