Sunday, July 10, 2011

anal cunt 40 more reasons to hate us lp

this is more seth putnam love. streight up fucking grindcore. 42 tracks (that's right) of a mix of insults and sillyness. now you know how much i love seth and anal cunt and i will deffend him so no comments about him being racist. see? even the so-called non pc people get offended by this guy. that's why i like him so much. anyway most of the songs on here are short (except the cover of gloves of metal which is over 4 minutes long) abd too the fucking point. this is why i love grindcore. short fast and to the fucking point. anyway if you're offended by seth then leave a comment so i can make fun of you. oh and this has one of the greatest titles in music. everyone in the underground music scene is stupid. so true. anyway get this and love it! and fuck the pussys who can't take it

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