Wednesday, June 23, 2010

slayer world painted blood cd

well i'm staying. and i'm writing a metal post because i can. i bought this after seeing slayer live. good show. i have heard everything slayer put out and i can honestly say i like it all even god hates us a2l and christ elusions. yeah i am a fanboy whatever whatever fuck off. this album is well it's slayer. it sounds like slayer. the vocals are good (he's lost his great voice so now he shouts) the drums are good the bass is um well i guess it's there but i have no idea. i like the mix of this album. guitar's nice but the solos are crap. i like that it's a short album. with metallica putting out 75 minute long albums (which are very good but are a bit long) it's nice to see a band put out a 40 minute album. overall if you want something different from what slayer usually puts out don't get this. but if you want a decent slayer album get this. not too important but good.

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