Sunday, June 27, 2010

hig hisler demo 3

not sure about the spelling on this one. he says it's from the simpsons but where? anyway this is hpr zach's third solo demo. cool punk jaz. he told me he was triing to sound like the minutemen (brian should like this) but it came out different. you can still hear the minutemen though. i don't know when the three demos were recorded but in my mind it goes like this. the first one was pure thrash like the neos (in fact it was almost exactly like the neos) the second one was a little different but still with thrash in it. this one isn't thrash but still very damn good. get it at his site.


  1. thanks, yeah that's the right discography.
    the name is from when bart gets the animation cell of an arm and he tries to sell it to comic book guy. then cbg says "this is snaggel puss drawn by hic heisler, this is arm drawn by nobody." i don't like the word hic so i changed it to hig.

  2. haha, i just like the fact that you reviewed this.

  3. me too. those were the days my friend

  4. hey they are coming back. new recordings!

  5. woo! you hear that everyone? i'm excited


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