Sunday, June 27, 2010

black flag jealous again 12 ep

got this from zach's hardcore punk reviews blog. go to that site if you want this blog but 1000000 times better. you could say i'm jealous cause he gets all the links and comments. well i am but not in a bad i'm gonna be a super dick way. believe me he's a good guy. anyway black flag's second ep and only one with ron on vocals. according to the fantastic kill from the heart website ron had a fiew problems and would leave midtake. he then quit bf midconcert but he went back and finished this ep. last time i heard he lives in canada and is a born-again christian. poor sod. anyway this ep rips and now i know white minority is not what the band believes i can enjoy that song. and even though he's not on vocals let me just say a fiew things about mr. hank. i watched some interviews with him. what a humorless dick. he even had the nerve to ask an interviewer "are you disrespecting me?" sounds like some very strict teacher or something the very same i hate. henry sucks. bigtime and yes i am disrespecting you you cocky prick. you weren't that good in the first place. soa is the shit but he was triing to sound like dez. but get this ep. it rips.

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  1. it's not that much better, hahaha. nice post, but minor correction, it's a 12".


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