Thursday, July 12, 2012

malice at the whiskey live review

well i just saw 7 bands and i'm not putting a label for each one. just a little heads up. don't like it? too bad. anyway i was out and about tonight going to a show at the famed whiskey in southern california. the headliner was an 80s metal band called malice of which more later. first let's talk about the suport bands. first up was exterminate. i'm sad to say i missed everything but the last song. i say sorry because i really really liked what i heard and i'd like to get some recordings. hopefully someone from the band reads this and gets back to me. next up was velosity. with a name like that i expected speed and i got it. like the first band they were fast thrash and like the first band i would like to hear some recordings. next come fuckin social overload!!! for the third time. now if it wasn't for them i would have never heard about the show. and they were the best band by far. and i'm not just saying that cause they dedicated a song to me (my favorite, heavy metal hammer) they had energy and of course speed. i was beginning to think that all the bands were gonna be great. next up was dischordia. first of all the look (vests and ties) had everyone going what the fuck? but i liked em. kind of a mathcore (i hope i'm not speaking out of turn that's what i think they were) thing going on. would love to get the ep and review it. next up was steelgrave. now i don't know if it's just me but these last 3 bands had a sort of speed metal patern going and they sounded very simalar. the thing about steelgrave was i thought the singer could have been a tad more melodic. hey i love power metal haha. other than that it was really good metal. next up came heretic. i guess they have some history though i do not know it. once again more speed metal with a high piched singer. pretty good stuff. last came malice. now i'd only heard two tracks before from a compilation from 1982. and they didn't play either one! bastards! i felt kinda out of place cause i didn't know a single song. but i had fun. malice is a good band even though they have only two original members. the new singer (who's short hahaha sorry) is pretty damn good and sored over everything. i got a malice shirt but sadly no cds. what the fuck? i'd like to hear more of all these bands. over all it was a great night and social overload, thanks for being such class dudes and putting up with my fanboyish ranting

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  1. Anytime Elliot! Good reviews man, Ill have to look into a lot of these bands man, some obscure stuff in here. -Social Overload


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