Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hell bovine tool of satan demo

alright, i have no idea what the fuck this is. i just got this on line. what it appears to be is a midi grindcore band from somewhere in the states. well.....we have blast beats, grind (i think) vocals, and generally some pretty interesting shit but i get the feeling i could create this. playing with midi files is fun don't get me wrong but well where's the tallent? i can make out any of the lyrics and the mix is so fuckin loud i can't hear the vocals anyway but the song titles are funny. songs like g0d is gr8t!, and get divorced on myspace. funny but not ultra stupid. i don't know get this if you like grind or midi files or just love the band name. that's probably why i downloaded it. hell bovine! the only thing better is hell dachshund! hahah inside joke. okay enough said about this demo. this is probably the most anyone's ever written about the band.

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