Monday, March 28, 2011

psycho 8 song 12ep

i just felt like posting. this is the same psycho that i reviewed earlyer this year. well sort of the same. i think they only have one original member. anyway this is way different from the later stuff. what we have is a cool mix of hardcore punk and sometimes powerpop. the first song is a cover of the sonics' classic psycho where the band got it's name. some fast songs and some slow ones. i'm surprised i never reviewed this sooner because i had this for like three years. when i first heard this the first question i had was why did gg allin think they'd back him up? then when i heard the later stuff i figured out why. killed by death records has it. i also have a demo to review.


  1. i really only like their version of "psycho". the sonics one is a little to slow after listening to this one. i really like their Bad Brains song, "elimination process". great song.

  2. i guess my first comment didn't go through.

  3. hang on. blogger hides them sometimes.

  4. found it. yes the bad brains song. i noticed that. sorry i didn't put it in. hey it was two in the morning.


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