Sunday, March 20, 2011

misery addict s/t cd ep

this one's for andrew. well you should all know misery addict as one half of the split with beasts. this ep is in the same stile as the split songs. pissed off manic punk from england. one thing about this band that i really like is these guys can actually play and andrew can sing pretty damn well. listen to they don't know. best song on the ep just cause it's the slowest and probly the longest. as i said in the other review of these guys this band isn't too fast but they put it all into power and energy. fucking energy. i mean i've heard plenty of bands that just play and have no anything be it power or whatever. misery addict to me at least is one of the best new bands i've heard. and i'm not just saying that cause andrew is a hell of a nice person or because he follows this blog. hell if i thought his band was pure shit i'd tell him. but i don't. i refuse to suck up to anyone. everything i've said about a band on this blog is true. if i change my opinion i'll do a rereview like with get it away. anyway i don't want to spoil this record, i'm not sure how you can get it cause i heard they're not selling em anymore. shame really cause this fuckin rocks. get it however you can and as i keep saying leave a fuckin comment!


  1. Cheers for the kind review, glad you enjoyed the release. Totally reckon The Deserter is 200x better than the first EP though!

    If, for some perculiar reason, anyone desperately wants this, we've got it available at a sale price of £2 here:

    It's the last run of the EP. So once the last of our stock is gone, we won't be selling any more!

  2. glad you liked it. everyone must buy that ep!!!! i might look into it.


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