Sunday, February 27, 2011

never thought i'd say this but

well as anyone who knows me will know i've talked a lot of shit on what was formerly the indy racing league or irl and is just called indycar. you all know about the split and "reunification" and if you don't than look it up. and now they've let fucking tony george the man who ruened openwheel back in. but one of the things they do do is post races for free download. you can get a podcast of every izod indycar series race for that year and if you go to youtube you can watch old races. now as everyone should know i love watching old races. so thank you indycar for putting races up for free. and thanks to the others who do it. now if you guys could get rid of tony george and maybe hang him that would make me so damn happy. tony if you're reading this you're a fucking asshole and you need to wear a shirt that says i killed indycar on it. fuck off you old pile of dogshit. oh and vision racing sucked. a.j the 400000000000000th couldn't drive for shit and the same goes for special ed. okay enough ranting. punk review coming.

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  1. tony is a cunt! tony is a cunt! tony is a tony is a tony is a cunt! sing that when you listen to electricute your cock or i hate tourists.


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