Wednesday, February 2, 2011

beasts/misery addict split 7

well first off thank you for all the comments. really means a lot to me. now let's get on with this review. first off i'd like to say this shouldn't have taken this long to do. andrew of misery addict emailed me in november with this record. i couldn't go on the net though and so it sat until january. however i'm still having trouble with mediafire so i emailed zach of hardcore punk reviews asking for help. being the great guy that he is zach helped me by putting the zip file on well i downloaded it. and my computer crashed. i was sure i deleted it so i was about to send andrew another email. but first i did what you should always do. i looked in the trash. sure enough the email was sitting waiting for me to open it. to make a long story long i have it now. so why don't we get on with this review. this is a great way to do a split. what they did is have both bands do two songs then put one song by each band on one side. so you hear both bands on both sides. that's the way it should be done. now onto the music. first up is beasts. they're kind of metallic and technical. i really like the two songs they have. some people are put off by the screamed vocals but i like them. and then there's misery addict. you know the saying save the best for last? well they did on this split. now i love beasts. and i looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee misery addict. not that fast but still hc. some people don't like how many times the singer says fuck. well i say grow the fuck up! i don't get offended by anything. i can't say that this sounds like anything else but i like that on the last song you can hear a bit of melody. really good split. word of advice to anyone putting together a split. have two different sounding bands on it. that's why this split works so well. both bands have their own sound. everyone should get this. i hear you can order off misery addict's site but i guess they've never really shipped out of the uk. they're cool guys so they'd probably try to do it. maybe the band won't care if someone puts a link to a download in the comments. hope to hear more from both bands. enjoy this awesome split with two of the uk's finest new bands.


  1. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed the split! Regarding downloads, we won't be releasing the split on the internet out of respect for the people who paid for it in the first place, but we are planning on releasing a free EP soon anyway with one of the tracks on, so that should make up for it!

  2. oh okay. could you put a link to order it? free ep? thanks for the comment.


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