Wednesday, April 30, 2014

positive faction our songs so buy it damnit! tape

sorry I haven't been around, I was supposed to do a co review but I think bishop died or something...or is just busy...either way I'm blaming him for the no posts, even if I knew he's busy with his book..i'm an asshole. anyway here we have a band called positive faction from huntuntsville Alabama, and this demo was released in 1988. and they were straightedge. that's all I know about this band. I found this tape wile I was on some weird site I guess dedicated to Huntsville bands. I found a lot of great bands including skellatal earth...but here's my review of this 7 song tape. this is pretty midpased hardcore punk with a straightedge youth crew theme. pretty dated by 1988 standards (the year of napalm death's second album and infest's slave lp) but this really isn't bad per say. the mix is strange, it sounds very echoy and weird. not quite what I expected from a demo at all. the lyrics are meh..mostly about straightedge and joining the positive faction (if it's all the same to you i'll have a beer) really? a fucking love song? and a cover of stand by me that's not that bad. this band sounds like they'd later evolve into an alternative rock band, you can almost hear it. maybe it's the weird ass guitar tone, maybe it's the way the singer does his thing...they never got to evolve as far as I can tell because they seem to have broken up after releasing this tape. it's not bad but it's nothing special either. if you like midpased hardcore with a love song (granted that love song does have a good guitar rif) download this somehow..if not well then..don't... it's a good tape but more speed and rawness would have helped

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