Friday, February 22, 2013

no comment discography cd

i know i haven't been on fora long time. i've been busy with life..okay the truth is my love of racing is rapidly becoming the main love in my life..but i'm back..first off, sorry for all the fucking spam comments..i don't know how to get rid of them..anyway we have a great 90s hardcore band for you..i hate using the word powerviolence. so 90s hardcore. no comment are one of the few bands from the 90s i like. ultrafast, angry, and short..this is what i love about hc. too bad this band didn't exist for very long and all songs can fit on one cd..actually lucky for you and me we only have to get one cd..i'm still surprised at how clear the mix is on some of the recording.. i'm not sure what all they did in terms of records but i do know this is some of the best 90s hc around. get it or be a wimp!

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