Monday, December 3, 2012

fuck i'm dead another gory mess cd

just as i was going to review the first album by these australian grinders with the coolest name in metal i heard they put out a new album. they only waited 11 years to do the second album. so i figured what the hell? i'll review this one. the first album was amazing. the only band that could get away with a drum machine. i couldn't even tell what jay was saying or if he was saying anything. but in all that mayhem you could hear melodic parts. this is different. first of all they have a real drummer. he does not disapoint, blasting away like he meant to do the drum kit s much harm as possible. jay's vocals are more in the higher range and you can tell that he might be saying actual words now. just what the words are i still don't know. the guitars are the same amazing wall of noise. the song titles are abou what you'd expect from this band. btk, arse to outh, need i go on? the mix is a bit louder. personally i liked the first album's mix. the good thing is we don't have the live tracks at the end to fill up time. overall...this is a grindcore album. i mean, what more can i say about it? it's a grind album. get it if you like grind. if you don't...well if you need me to explain you need your brain examined. btw jay's other band the kill made an album i'll be reviewing soon as well.

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