Monday, June 25, 2012

the freeze misery loves company lp

well here's another one i've been sitting on this one for slightly different reasons. i got a coppy of this online but it was a really low quality version and i don't like to review things unless they're the best quality. i mean if it's a lowfy album that's fine but if it's a shitty rip of an album i'm waiting til i can find a good one. well this took me um i don't know 2/3 years (i forget) to track down. i went out to amoeba and usually they never have anything by the freeze. well they did this time. for those of you who don't know the freeze is one of my favorite hardcore bands which is why i've reviewed 5 records up til now. this is the album after rabid reaction. i don't know if they broke up or what but this album came out in 1991. you can notice a change in the music. it's a tad slower but that's about it. still the same ol freeze if a little more melodic. same dark lyrics. pouder, rock, and pills is a great one. talking bombs was my first taste of the freeze although i didn't know it. i heard a cover of the song by the unseen. the freeze's version is way better but who cares. my friend zach doesn't seem to like this one for some reason. i love it. all i need is crawling blind and a few others and i have all the albums. ah well gonna have to wait. get this if you like melodic punk. if not go fuck yourself. hey someone had to say it!

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