Friday, February 10, 2012

sepultura morbid visions lp

well hello! remember me? i'm the only blind punk blogger along with being the only real admin of this blog. that's right i said it. anyway i'm getting fuck all in the way of new records from people. what the fuck? give me your new records! on a serious note the guys over at godz ov war did it again for me and soon i'll have another great release from poland to review. but first it's off to south america for some brazillian fuckin metal. and what do we have? thrash borderring on death metal. i never knew about this band until this summer i stumbled into this album. it starts with a cool little classical musical thing (which needs to go back on the reissue) and then all hell breaks loose for 8 tracks of pure headfucking insannity. i mean people write this off because the guitars are slightly out of toon (personally i can't hear it) or because of the mix or it's sloppy. but this to me represents the heavyest and best thing sep ever did. i love all sep up too and including roots. after max cavalera aka god left the band and green took over eh it's never done much for me. btw the other guitarest in this band would quit after this album and go on to found sarcofago of which i've been meaning to check out for a long ass time. when he went away the black metal went away. max's vocals are a topic worth bringing up. listening to his later stuff (which i like all of) and then listening to this album i thought it was two different guys. this time max is possessed by satan. you can hear it in his demonic voice. the lyrics are straightup satanism. a little basic but who cares? this album gets shit from sep fans but you need this if you love death thrash or early black metal. buy or die! or download the original. i couldn't care less. just get it! get it now!

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