Wednesday, October 12, 2011

negative trend s/t 7 aka we don't play we riot 12

well hello kids. elliott back again with some in your face punk. great punk from 78. negative trend were from san fransisco and featured will and steve later of flipper. you can hear a bit of flipper in this ep but it's a lot more musical. 4 great dark punk songs with a hint of new york glam rock. that's kind of to be expected as i'm pretty sure they were all junkies. the singer's voice cracks on a couple of songs and he's about as melodic as me but it's still great. good mix too. shadder can play bass i'll tell ya. this was the only thing by negative trend other than a few tracks on the beach blvd comp and tooth and nale comp. actually the tooth and nale stuff is just a different mix of the blvd songs. anyway get this. it's been reissued a number of times so buy or die. or just download who gives a fuck?


  1. not really a fan of this. only song i like is the rik l rik "atomic lawn". i really love that song. but nothing else. i have some 1979-80 collection of all their stuff, 20 songs or something.

  2. 78-79 and it's the one i have with the rik l. rik stuff as well as this ep and a live set. what's weird is even though it's negative trend rik l rik is credited on the beach blvd lp even though one of the songs was also released on tooth and nale and is credited to negative trend. the other song on the tooth and nale one is an alternative take or something. anyway yeah you just don't get weird drugged out punk i guess

  3. yeah the whole thing is weird.

  4. right! it's gotta be nt though can't see it any other way


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