Monday, September 26, 2011

disattack a bomb drops demo tape

well it seams all my blogs are on vacation. what you mean people actually have lives? anyway i thought i'd get back to what this blog was mad fore. in the words of agz, "punk as fuck!" this demo is by a band that features kenn and bill later of carcass along with pek vocals and paul i think who plays the bass. basically this was carcass before carcass. released in 85 this is about what you'd expect from a band called disattack. streight forward d-beat. i think pek is from finland and if i had to guess i'd say that's where they were from. for some reason a lot of bands out of europe and japan just kind of fell into this d-beat formula. it took america a few years to catch on but they did with bands like antischism and the lot. this isn't really the best demo in the world but hell it's pretty good and it's worth a few listens. so yeah get this on a blog cause it's long out of print


  1. ....Middie is on drums, Bill on guitars, me on bass & Pek (R.I.P) on vocals....Pek was from the Wirral just across the river Mersey from Liverpool as was Bill & idea were this Finland myth came from.
    I'm ripping an old rehearsal tape featuring our take on Ace of Spades....a lot rougher than I remember.
    be good.....Paul (bass)

  2. wow. you never know who'll show up. thanks for the info! i just report what i heard thanks for clearing it up! i'd love to hear that tape you're ripping


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